Dear Lynn, I am so happy and honoured to be the owner of this wonderful portrait created by such a talented artist as you. Everyone in the family loves it and I can’t take my eyes off it. Thank you!!
Khatuna Shavgulidze - February 2018

I really like the portrait. It makes me smile. A good likeness of Mum I think, and it feels very familiar. Beautiful colours!
Jane Hardy - January 2017

Thanks Lynn for all your hard work on this lovely painting. It’s exciting to have my Mum back with me, checking everything from her position on the living room wall.
Ann Hardy - January 2017

Lynn, your work is amazing and we absolutely love the painting you did for us of our kids. Kenneth and I decided to write up a prenuptial agreement, and so now, if we ever break up I get to keep the painting.
Angela O’Connell - July 2016

Thank you so much Lynn for such an amazing portrait. It is so much better than I ever imagined. Everyone in the family loves it. Thanks again Lynn.
Trish Rua - August 2015

Lynn’s works are treasures!
Bruce Nicol - July 2015

I love your portraits Lynn. They are a bit ‘realismo magico.’
Daniela Catucci - January 2015

Thank you so much Lynn. We just love the portrait. I never thought I would own anything so beautiful.
Judith Webster - May 2014